ViaStain™ Yeast Kit for Live/Dead Concentration - CSK-0102-2mL

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A staining solution for the detection of live and dead yeast cells. Yeast dilution buffer included.

AO-PI Stain:
One 2 mL bottle of Yeast Live Dead AO/PI Staining Solution

Dilution Buffer:
One 10 mL bottle of Yeast Dilution Buffer

  • Yeast Live Dead AO/PI Staining Solution is not sold separately it must be purchased as a kit. Kit will provide enough materials to perform approximately 100 tests with dilution buffer left over in excess. 
  • Product warranty is valid until expiration date stated on the product label. If no expiration date is listed, warranty is valid for 12 months from the date of receipt of the product.
  • Compatible with Cellometer X2 and Spectrum 10x