ViaStain™ No Wash Annexin V-FITC Kit for Celigo - CSK-V0007-2

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A no-wash assay designed to discriminate between healthy, apoptotic, dead cells. For use with the Celigo instrument. 

Annexin V is a member of the annexin family of intracellular proteins that binds to phosphatidylserine (PS) in a calcium-dependent manner. In healthy cells, PS is normally only found on the intracellular leaflet of the plasma membrane, but during apoptosis, PS translocates to the external leaflet. Fluorochrome-labeled Annexin V can then be used to specifically target and identify the PS on the surface of apoptotic cells. By simultaneously staining the cells with Annexin V, propidium iodide (PI) and Hoechst we can discriminate between different populations of cells.

This kit is for use with the Celigo Image Cytometry Instrument.

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Included in Kit: Good for 5, 96-well plates

Annexin V-FITC: 500 ul
PI: 150 ul
Hoechst: 30 ul
Buffer: 50 ml


Annexin V: 489/515 nm
PI: 534/617 nm
Hoechst: 350/451 nm

Storage Temperature: